Universal Print Driver

When evaluating new printing equipment, a major IT related topic is the print drive. Some of the issues that need to be addressed are; compatibility with their operating systems, a drive tat supports the PDL their users require, distribution, and training. The Kyocera Mita KX Print driver addresses these concerns. The KX Diver supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. All available PDLs are included in the print driver so the user just needs to select the PDL from the driver settings. No matter if you are using Windows 95 or Windows XP; utilize PostScript or PCL; distribution and training are simplified because the KX Driver appears the same on all operating systems..

Benefits Include :

Common drive - one driver for all Kyocera Mita productsUser friendly GUI interface - users can see exactly what features are selectedComplete print control over the device from the desktop - print covers and inserts, adjust quality and resolution, select paper size and layouts

Electronic job storage capabilities with optional Hard Disk Drive (e-MPS) - Temporary/Permanent storage of print jobs, document storage in Virtual Mailboxes, and secure printing. http://www.kyoceramita.com/


**** For Kyocera Mita print drivers go to http://usa.kyoceramita.com/KMAGlobalpub/jsp/Kyocera/download_center.jsp ****