Kyocera's Prescribe Forms Solutions

There are many types of pre-printed forms used in the office, purchase orders, and insurance forms being just a few. Pre-printed forms take up space and are expensive and difficult to change. One third of pre-printed forms are wasted because they become obsolete. Electronic forms can save more than 50% of labor costs associated with ordering the forms, processing, distributing and filing forms. With the use of Kyocera’s intelligent printer language, PRESCRIBE, you can store these forms in the printing device thereby eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.

PRESCRIBE, Kyocera’s unique printer control language is platform independent. Offering major cost-savings and productivity enhancing benefits, it s a convenient and cost efficient way to manage large numbers of forms regardless of their complexity.

Benefits of Kyocera PRESCRIBE Forms Solutions:
By storing forms on Compact Flash Cars or the printer’s Hard Disk Drive, you can:

Minimize investment and maintenance costsEliminate the costs associated with pre-printed formsModify forms as needed to accommodate changes such as addresses, logos, area codes, etc.

Reduce network burden by storing forms on the printer|

Ideal for:

Offices requiring reduced forms printing and storage costsOffices with the need to increase network efficiencies

Offices that frequently change form content

Forms Applications:

Gray bar application - replace traditional printing methods with Kyocera laser printer. Financial data is cost efficiently printed on plain paper with improved print quality at a lower costWarehouse - from picking/packing slips to labels, forms are printed on demand. With a combination of Kyocera’s IB-22 Wireless Network Interface, you can add flexibility in the network where cabling is often problematic

Education - Student information such as class schedules and grades are printed on plain paper, index stock, color paper, and more whenever required