Kyocera's ECOSYS Technology provides customers with a printing solution that incorporates long-life consumables and the lowest comparable cost per print - Welcome to Economical Efficiency and a Better Environment.


Conservationism Cuts Costs
Kyocera introduced the cartridge-free ECOSYS printer concept in 1992 as a means of reducing the user's
Total Cost of Ownership while improving the printer's environmental impact. The ECOSYS printer technology represents a fundamental improvement over conventional laser printers.

ECOSYS Technology and TCO
Efficiency and productivity in office technology is based around TCO. This recognizes that the purchase price of the printer is only the first of a series of costs. With cartridge-based page printers, costs can easily exceed more than three times the original purchase price during the life of the product. Kyocera can claim that its toner costs are 1/3 that of competing brands.

Lower Running Costs - Up to 75% lower cost per page
FS-3800 Series achieved the industry's best cost per page performance utilizing long-life technology. Over its life, one Kyocera ECOSYS printer can save a company thousands of dollars in printing costs. The savings for a company with 100 printers or more is astounding.

The Low Cost of Color
After analyzing two single function color laser printer segments, Current Analysis, an independent market research and competitive response firm, found that found that the Kyocera-Mita FS-C5020N
 and the FS-C5030N have the lowest total cost of ownership,[TCO},in their respective classes. At 5.3 cents, the C5020N and C5030N's cost per page {CPP} will benefit any customer interested in high volume color print needs.

Jake Wang, Senior Analyst-Digital Imaging and Printing.

Current Analysis, a competitive market intelligence analysis company.

Conventional Laser Printers
Conventional printers use an imaging cartridge that integrates a photoreceptor drum, developer and toner into a single, disposable unit. When the toner is depleted, the entire cartridge is disposed of and replaced with a new unit.

The Cartridge-Free ECOSYS Technology System
In contrast, ECOSYS printers feature a durable imaging system based on Kyocera's patented amorphous silicon print drum (a-Si), a combination of ceramic and metal. With a surface that is second only to diamond in hardness, Kyocera's durable print drum is guaranteed up to 300,000 pages on the
FS-3800 Seriesand up to 500,000 pages on the FS-9500 Series. Tiny ceramic particles embedded in Kyocera's toner continually polish and recondition the drum during normal printing. This virtually eliminates the need for replacement of the drum and other cartridge components, which is typically performed many times over the life of a conventional printer.

The Result
Kyocera's ECOSYS printers and copiers create less waste than any competing products and have the lowest comparable cost per print.

Environmentally Proactive
Environmental consideration has also been taken in the development of the materials used in the external casing of ECOSYS printers. A bromine-free resin blend of polycarbonate and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene stryrene) has been employed. Bromine, a fire resistant agent, is known to release toxic dioxins into the atmosphere when burned at low temperatures. We also direct our customers to ensure they comply with state and local laws when disposing of our products, as applicable.

ECOSYS Environmental and Cost Benefits
The benefits of Kyocera's cartridge-free ECOSYS technology are twofold. Ecologically, ECOSYS can help to eliminate the environmental burden of used print cartridges worldwide that are now disposed of each year. Economically, by eliminating the recurring costs associated with replacement print cartridges, ECOSYS printers provide the industry's lowest TCO 
. This incremental savings can recoup the printer's purchase price in a year or less, particularly in network printing environments.

ECOSYS Honors and Awards

Kyocera's ECOSYS printers have been recognized around the world since 1992 for their innovative technology and environmental friendliness.

Here are recent worldwide awards:

  • BERTL Readers Choice Award Winner Platinum Award for Monochrome Reliability {Feb.2005}
  • BERTL Reader's Choice Award Winner Gold Award for overall Productivity [Feb 2005}
  • Better Buys for Business FS-9120DN, FS-3820N and FS-383ON-Editor's Choice 2005
  • Computer Reseller News (CRN) Test Center Recommended - FS-9520DN (July 2004)
  • CRN Test Center Recommended - FS-3820N (July 2004)
  • BERTL Best 2004 - KM-5035 - Best 41-50ppm Monochrome MFP (June 2004)
  • BERTL Best 2004 - FS-C5016N - Best Cost-Efficient Desktop Color Printer (June 2004)
  • Government Computer News - FS-3820N - Reviewer's Choice (April 2004)
  • Smart Computing - FS-1020D - 3-1/2 out of 5 CPUs
  • Better Buys for Business - FS-C5016N - Editor's Choice 2003
  • Government Computer News - FS-1900 - Reviewer's Choice 2003
  • Buyers Laboratory Inc. - FS-9500DN - Recommended Rating 2002
  • BERTL - FS-9500DN - 2002 Best of the Best
  • Buyers Laboratory Inc. - FS-9100DN - Recommended Rating 2002
  • Better Buys for Business - FS-9500DN - Editor's Choice 2002
  • Buyers Laboratory Inc. - 3800 - Recommended Rating 2002
  • BERTL - FS-9100 - 2001 Exceptional Rating
  • BERTL - FS-8000C - 2001 Recommended Rating
  • Byte Magazine, Best of Comdex Spring 1992
  • Byte Magazine Award of Excellence 1992
  • Editor's Choice from Better Buys for Business, Editor's Choice PC Magazine (UK) 2001
  • Editor's Choice rating from PC Magazine (UK), 1998
  • Editor's Choice rating from PC Professional (Germany), 1998
  • Finalist, Best New Products Award at FOSE 1997
  • Test Labs Recommended rating from Computer Reseller News 1996
  • Finalist, Best New Products Award at FOSE 1996
  • Pick of the Year from Buyers Laboratories 1996
  • Best Overall 11-30ppm Laser Printer rating from Byte Magazine 1996
  • Top 10 rating from PC World 1996
  • Pick of the Year from Buyers Laboratories 1995
  • Best of Comdex Spring from Byte Magazine 1995
  • Better for the Environment rating from Newsweek 1994
  • Major Savings Against Other Page Printers citation from Sunday Times (UK), 1994
  • Look More Closely reference from Computer Weekly (UK), 1994
  • Technical Excellence rating from PC Expert (France), 1994
  • Saving Printing Costs Long-term citation from PC Dealer (UK), 1994
  • Performance is Incredible citation from PC Report (South Africa), 1994
  • Pick of the Year rating from Buyers Laboratories 1993
  • World's Best rating from PC Professional (Germany), 1993
  • Award of Excellence from Nikkei Sangyou Newspapers (Japan), 1993
  • Best of What's New from Popular Science 1992
  • Editors' Choice rating from PC Magazine 1992
Kyocera TK-57 Toner Toner for Kyocera FS-1920 Printer.
Kyocera TK-18 Toner for the Kyocera FS-1020D, KM-1815 and Kyocera FS-1018MFP Printers
Kyocera TK 122 Toner for Kyocera FS-1030D Printer and Kyocera FS-1030DN Printer
Kyocera TK-132 Toner for the Kyocera FS-1300D Printer
Kyocera TK-142 Toner for the FS-1100 Printer
Kyocera TK-312 Toner  for the Kyocera FS-2000D Printer, Kyocera FS-2000DN Printer
Kyocera TK-322 Toner  for the FS-3900DN Printer
Kyocera TK-332 Toner for the Kyocera FS-4000DN Printer, and A4M Laser Mailer
Kyocera TK-712 Toner for the Kyocera FS-9130DN Printer, Kyocera FS-9530DN Printer

Kyocera TK 82 Toner  for the Kyocera FS-8000C /CD/CN/CDN Printer

Kyocera TK 522 Toner  for the Kyocera FS-C5015N Printer

Kyocera TK 502 Toner  for the Kyocera FS-C5016N Printer
Kyocera TK -512 Toner for the Kyocera FS-C5020N Printer, Kyocera FS-C5025N Printer, Kyocera FS-C5030N Printer

Kyocera TK 512 Toner

Kyocera TK 812 Toner

Kyocera Ci 1100 Toner This toner is for the Ci-1100 color printer.